What the heck is love?

What’s the word for “love”?

You guessed it, love.

You may be surprised to learn that the word “love” is a Latin root word meaning “joy” or “joyous enjoyment.”

When you hear the word in English, you’re probably thinking of something like “joyful joy.”

You may have also heard of the word, “love.”

Love is a love of the heart, a passionate love of a person, or something of the sort.

In other words, it’s a feeling of love for the individual, and a feeling that you’re with the person and they’re with you.

It’s a kind of feeling that comes from the heart.

It has to do with the connection between the soul and the body.

And it has to does with a lot of things, including how to properly treat someone who has a serious health condition.

That’s what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is looking for in terms of how to treat a loved one who has cancer.

So what are you looking for when it comes to finding love?

First of all, you should know that this is not just a medical diagnosis, it has a deep meaning.

The word “Love” means “I love you.”

It is an unconditional love that you can never give up.

It is a feeling you are in the presence of a great and wonderful person who cares about you.

The way we experience love is not only in our thoughts and emotions, but also in our physical feelings, especially when we’re with someone.

It can be felt by feeling our own body, or when we hold hands with someone, or feeling the softness of our skin.

It feels good to have someone close to you.

A person who has health issues, especially those that affect the eyesight or the heart or lungs, may feel love.

This is a kind, caring, and loving feeling that we can’t really express in words, but we feel and we feel.

It may feel good to be loved.

It might feel good for a loved person to feel this way, but it’s also important to be sure that we have this unconditional love.

In fact, a lot can happen in just a few moments.

Sometimes the love can feel very different from what we think we’re experiencing.

You might feel a sudden rush of happiness and you might feel love for your loved one.

Sometimes you might just feel a deep sense of love.

And sometimes you may feel a very short-term rush of joy, a little euphoria, a small burst of happiness.

And then you feel the full force of that love, which can last as little as an hour.

What can we do to feel that love?

If you feel that you feel love at all times, you can be assured that it is not because you’re in love with your loved ones.

The answer to this question is, “Yes.”

You are, after all, in love.

But love does not mean love without pain.

You should not be thinking about the “why” behind your feelings.

You are not in love simply because you are alive, or because you love someone else.

Love does not exist solely for the sake of someone else, or solely for some selfish reason.

It also exists in the hopes that you will be loved, that you may become one of those who can be loved in return.

And that is what you should be looking for.

You can also feel love from your loved person, from your friends and from the people you love.

Love is not something that is simply an expectation.

It does not come without some sacrifice.

And while there is nothing wrong with waiting for someone to come to your rescue, the longer you wait, the greater the pain.

And if you don’t feel love when you have a health condition, it may not be possible to love someone if you have one.

This can be difficult for people to accept, but that’s not the reason we have to be concerned.

The reason we should be concerned is that there is a difference between love, and it’s not just the physical, or mental, or emotional, or even the emotional- and emotional-related emotions.

There is also a psychological, emotional, and spiritual component to it.

We are in love because we want to love, to be able to love.

It isn’t enough to just feel the “oh” feeling when someone is loved.

You need to be willing to feel the love that comes with the “yes.”

And you need to feel a love that is unconditional and unconditional and love that cannot be won, even by someone who is in denial.

It comes from within.

The only way to feel love in the most perfect way is to understand what the word means.

Understanding “love”: In the book Love and the Psychology of the Heart, the American Psychological Association (APA) explains: Love is an emotional, physical, and emotional response.

Love comes from inside and is a response to the world around us. It


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