Why Piazza loves the Cubs: RuPaul’s Drag Race star says he loves the city of Chicago

The Drag Race cast member and RuPaul have a lot in common: They both grew up in Chicago, and both went to college there.

Piazza is the eldest daughter of the Drag Race creator RuPaul, and she and her sister have both made it big on the reality series.

RuPaul also played a lead role in the 2016 film RuPaul: The Next Chapter, which also featured his drag son Tasha Reign.

Piro said he’s “very proud” to be a Chicagoan, and that it’s “never a surprise” when he’s met people from the city.

“It’s kind of amazing how many people have been there,” he said.

“We have a few people come up to me from out of town and say ‘I’ve seen RuPaul in the city.’

I’ve seen her everywhere.

She’s a really nice person.”

When it comes to the city’s art scene, RuPaul said that he’s been “pretty good” in his dealings with the Chicago Historical Society.

He added that the city has been very supportive of his artistic endeavors and has “really grown up” since he left the city in 2011.

Piso said he enjoys his time in Chicago’s music scene.

He said that, while he’s known for being an outspoken advocate for queer people, he’s always felt a bit of a “soft spot” for queer women and men.

“The thing that’s always been good to me is that I’m not necessarily a ‘queer’ person,” he told ESPN.

“I’m a pretty gender neutral person.

I’m just very open about who I am, and the kind of person I am.

That’s just what I’m about.”

Piso added that he is open to being called a “queer man” in the future, but that it wouldn’t be his intention to change who he is.

“I think I’d always be able to play whatever role that I wanted in my life, and I’m never going to change,” he explained.

“So, I’d probably be open to changing my name to something that says, ‘I’m gay.’

But I’m more of a straight person.

And I don’t really have any other role that has been defined by my sexuality, so I’m going to stick with my identity.”

Watch Piazzo discuss his experiences on Drag Race:The Real Housewives of Chicago season 6 finale airs Tuesday, April 30 at 8 p.m.

ET on Bravo.


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