What are the most ridiculous claims made about black money?

When I went to the US, I thought I would never see black money again.

The fact is, it’s not the same.

There are still many, many black money hoarders in the world.

I know of many black millionaires and billionaires in the US.

But what happens when you have billions in black money stashed abroad?

What happens when they become black money lovers?

Well, the answer is that they get to hoard the wealth.

The world has never seen anything like this.

For example, according to Bloomberg News, the number of black billionaires in China has jumped to more than 100,000.

This is an extraordinary development in terms of China’s economic growth.

And China has the world’s second-largest black population.

There is still an economic and social gap.

This gap is huge.

Black people have a lot to gain from opening up their wealth and their minds.

What are some of the most absurd claims made by those claiming to be black money loonies?

First, you have those who claim that black money is used by people who want to cheat the system.

There’s a lot of evidence to the contrary.

For instance, I recently met a man who claimed to be a millionaire.

He said he used black money to buy property in Dubai.

This was a scam.

He was just an opportunist, an investor in a property, who wanted to buy a piece of land.

He knew it would be the perfect time to use black money for something, but he didn’t know how.

He didn’t even know who was involved in this scheme.

The real estate investor in Dubai knew the black money cheats.

The people who used black dollars to buy land in Dubai were all rich black people.

What’s the big deal about these people?

They’re rich black money savers.

They’re not crooks.

They just have a bit of money.

So, what’s the bigger problem?

They didn’t steal the money from their rightful owners.

They stole it from the black people they were supposed to protect.

They weren’t black money thieves.

They were just rich black investors.

The problem is that the black folks who have to pay for their property in the UAE are also the black billionaires who are doing it.

This whole scheme is a scam, a sham, a fraud.

The black money scam is just an excuse to give more and more black money and to hide it.

What do you think?

Do you think the rich and the poor are duped by these schemes?

Do the rich cheat the poor?

Do they cheat the rich?

Or do they cheat each other?

I think the black and poor have always been duped.

So why should we be fooled by these fraudsters?

The fact that rich black Americans are doing the black savers a favour.

The rich can buy up a piece the land they’re supposed to keep.

And the rich people can use their wealth to invest in the black businesses that they own.

I don’t think the real black saver is a black person.

The true black sauer is the rich black man.

I’m not saying the rich are the real savers, but I am saying the real white savers are not black.

If you go to the bank, you will find that you can’t withdraw your money.

You can’t make your deposits in the bank.

You cannot pay your taxes.

You don’t get credit.

You lose your home.

And this is the true black money scheme.

You see, the black economy is collapsing.

We’ve seen the impact of the global financial crisis.

Black jobs are disappearing.

Black wealth is disappearing.

The white world economy is doing better than black.

So if the rich have no reason to cheat people, how can we expect the black world economy to do better than the white economy?

Why does the world need a black money economy?

It’s not just about a little black money.

I want to tell you why black people are the best of all of us.

We are the ones who have always known the truth.

The truth is black people, like everybody else, have to do their share.

We have to work hard, we have to give back to society.

If we’re going to make progress, we need to give it back to black people who have a stake in it.

That’s what black people have always believed.

And that’s why we have a huge role to play in creating an economic future for black people in the United States.

I will say this: The real truth is that if we work together, we can create a brighter future for all of the black communities in America.

The only way to do that is by putting our money where our mouths are.

Black America needs to be prepared to give everything back.

Black Americans need to be willing to fight for what they want and do.

The biggest issue that needs to happen right now is the financial crisis, which is creating the most economic hardship for black families.

It is creating economic


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