Which are the most iconic quotes from popular movies?

Love and love stories are among the most important elements in any relationship, but as the saying goes, love stories have to be told first.

We wanted to find the ten most iconic love story quotes, and here are our picks.1.

“I love you and I miss you and you will always be mine” — The Dark KnightRian Johnson (2014)The love story is usually the story of the two people involved.

But what makes it special is that it can be the story, too.

The love story can be one of the most powerful relationships in the world, and it is made up of a number of elements: passion, desire, longing, affection, loyalty, and hope.

These elements can come together to form a strong and lasting love story.

This is why the story is so important, especially in a relationship.

We all want to be loved by our partner, but how do we tell the story?

The story is the beginning, the beginning is always the end.

And love is the story.2.

“It’s a very long time ago, but I love you now” — All the President’s MenIn the words of the movie All the Presidents Men, “It takes a long time to get to know a loved one.”

Love is often the most emotionally demanding relationship, and the journey is often not easy, either.

In this love story, the love story starts in the very first scene.

It starts with love itself, which is often a very personal thing.

The two are always the first to notice each other, and sometimes it is their first kiss.

But in most cases, they have been together for years.

They share a bond that is almost eternal.

When it comes to love, there is no turning back.3.

“We’ll be back together again someday” — Good Morning, Vietnam (2003)The end of the world is often seen as a symbol of separation, but in many cases, separation is a sign of love.

It can be a reminder of what you are losing, a reminder that you are still loved, and a reminder to move on.

This film, which was written by David Cronenberg, was shot on location in Vietnam, and featured a group of people who were both close and completely apart, and they were trying to make sense of their relationship.

Cronenberg’s story was about two people who have always been in love, and what is happening is the end of an era.4.

“If you have never been there before, you’ll never know what it’s like” — Love ActuallyThe ending of Love Actually is one of those movies that we all want.

The movie, about two lovers who are separated at the end, is the most emotional and heart-wrenching film in the history of film.

It is a movie about love that is as moving and as real as it is beautiful.

Love can be as hard as it sounds.

The ending is not a surprise to anyone who has seen the film.

This movie is not about the future.

It’s not about what will happen next.

It has been done before, but it is not what it will be.5.

“He’s mine, I’m yours” — Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1999)The best love stories begin with a question: what is it like to be in love with your spouse?

The answer is often found at the very beginning of a love story: the first time they met.

It takes courage to ask the question, and Mr. Smith and Mrs. Robinson, the two lovers, must work on coming to terms with their feelings for one another.

They work through each other’s feelings, both for their own sake and for that of the other person.

And when they come to an understanding, they both feel love.6.

“You’re my soul mate, I love and I know you, and we’re gonna be together” — Blue VelvetRian Kelly (1958)In the famous Blue Velvet song, “You Are My Soulmate,” Rian Kelly sings, “There’s nothing like my soulmate, I like you more than the sun.”

The soulmate is a special bond, the one that has always been a part of each person.

This song is one part of a larger love story that has been in the making for many years.

It involves a relationship that has grown from two people in love.

This love story has been waiting for its moment in the sun for so long, it has become an icon of love in Hollywood.7.

“She’s my best friend” — My Favorite YearIn My Favorite Years, Rian Johnson wrote this poem about his friendship with his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston.

She was the one he had known his entire life, and she was the person he always wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

She is his soul mate and he loves her like the sun loves him. And that


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