The world’s first real owl cafe in the Philippines

Travellers can expect a different kind of owl cafe.

A new owl cafe will open in Manila on Monday, with a range of owls, including a red-and-black version that is one of the first owl-themed cafes in the world.

It is a joint venture between the Philippines’ National Park Service and a bird rescue organisation called Bird-Rescue Philippines.

The cafe will cater to both bird lovers and bird lovers only, the park service said in a statement.

“A true owl experience is one that will satisfy both the senses of the traveler and the bird-loving visitor, and the owl-loving one,” Bird Rescue Philippines co-founder and CEO, Arnela De la Cruz, said in the statement.

“The birds will be fed on locally grown and harvested bird meat.

They will also enjoy the tasty treats we have cooked for them.”

The owl cafe, which is located at the Visayas-based National Wildlife Park, will have three owl-shaped pods and a communal table.

There will also be a coffee bar and a full bar with a variety of drinks and snacks.

One of the pods will be decorated with owl-print embroidery and will have a bird-shaped owl on the front.

Inside the pods, owls will enjoy a variety a traditional Filipino dish of macaroni and cheese and local local drinks.

De la Cruz said the owl cafe would be a destination for people who are looking for a different experience to other owl cafes.

“It’s like an owl café, but with owls,” she said.

“They’re a bit different from us.”


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