‘I don’t feel safe’: A homeless woman has told the ABC her feelings towards people who are ‘well-intentioned’ have been “baffling” and she’s “not happy” at the way they treat her

On a rainy day in October, Diane Lee walked into the Melbourne hotel where she works.

“I have a big heart and I’m not going to let people treat me that way,” she said.

“I am a little bit uncomfortable, I’m feeling a bit upset and I want people to understand what I am going through.”

In a statement, Ms Lee said she was “not a stranger to being treated badly” in Melbourne, but said “the attitude towards people being well-intentioning is baffling”.

“The whole ‘well intentioned’ attitude, to me, is completely off,” she told the BBC.

Ms Lee’s story is part of a growing trend among homeless people to say “well intention” and say that people “just need to stop treating me like a stranger”.

It is common to hear the phrase “well intended” and “good intentions” as a way to talk about the person, rather than to describe their actions.

The ABC has found some people have become so comfortable with their behaviour, they have started to think it is okay to treat others poorly.

When the ABC interviewed Diane Lee, she was homeless for a number of years, living in a hostel.

Her stories show how well intentioned people can have an effect on the behaviour of others.

Diane Lee, centre, has lived in a hotel for years.

She said she feels a lot of people treat her differently, even though she has not done anything wrong.

“[People] treat me as if I’m a stranger and not a person,” she wrote.

“If someone wants to touch me, say hello, they can.

But I feel like I’m being treated differently than I am.”

Ms Lynch said while people can be good intentions, people have to be respectful.

And she said she had heard from some people who said they felt “stunned” when someone asked for their help.

It has been a “challenging few months” for Ms Lynch, who has also been homeless for several years.

“It has not been a pleasant few months,” she explained.

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